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Few days back we had discussions about Apex the world of unlimited
opportunities , due to some reasons you are not able to respond to
make use of the opportunity , just I  would like to know your  genuine
reason , why
You could not able to associate with the wonderful opportunity, if you
can express your clarification ,we are ready to clear your doubt ,so
you can try your level best to avail the opportunity ,

I would like to present some of the facts and policy about the company...

1) Our company all activities taking place only accordance with rules
and regulations of govt of India and statutory rules and regulations
and pays income tax, service tax,

2) Company is not promising for overnight rich or quick bucks , all
the income concept is well proven by many individuals throughout India
and one of our team member bangalorean who has  made wonderful income
of Rs 16 lakh plus in just 9 months just by  investing  less than Rs
3000 / can be proved online,

3) Anyone who completes the age of 18 only can associate with our
company by taking membership of one to maximum nine  ,by taking more
than one membership has multiple benefits on binary method ,each
membership is
Rs 350/ and there is no compulsion to take more membership, it`s is up
to the individual financial capacity and interest to invest,

 4)  Our business concept is suitable for all citizens like   a) Students

b) Unemployed    c) Employed        d )Housewife`s    e) Retired

5 ) Ours is a  a) Work at home  b ) Home based jobs c) soho (small
office home office ) model business ,

6 ) No sales, No target , No timing , No internet  , No renewal of


7) Apex provides 5 types of income opportunities,

 a ) Sms income       b) Mobile currency income          c) Referral income

 D) Cug income (closed user group) opportunity to earn Rs 10,000 with

Association BSNL

e) Orbit income - association with CELCON MOBILES can earn Rs 21,000/

8) All the said incomes are proven and there is no mandatory for
members to do all the income opportunity, we can choose to carry out
even one,

9) The highest earning can be only reached by team effort,

10) The membership is one and life time and no need to renew the membership,

11) Anyone who is interested to earn by association with apex will be
given free live demonstration and proof of income will be shown to
them on live,

12 ) Once registration is made the associate will get free training
from team , how to understand our concept ,how to demonstrate to
customers and  interested ,and online appointment letter will be given
as a DME (direct marketing executive ) and Rs 350 /worth anti
radiation will be given free of cost

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